Bill Pay Upgrade

We are Launching an Upgraded Bill Pay Service on April 23rd!

Demo of Bill Pay

Click here for an interactive demo
of the new Bill Pay service!

The new bill pay service will offer new features you will love, such as email payments, payments to a person’s VISA card, gift checks and easier navigation.

A few reminders before & during the upgrade:

  • We will need a few days to implement the new service, so bill pay will be unavailable April 16-22.
  • Your scheduled payments will process as normal from April 16-22.
  • Once our new bill pay service deploys, you will not be able to see payments that processed between April 16-22. Please be sure to make note of any payments you scheduled during that time to ensure you do not duplicate payments.


  • Document your current payees, including your account number, payee name and contact information.
  • Download your current history as close to April 16 as possible. If we are unsuccessful in loading your payee information, any item associated with the payee will also not be available in our new bill pay system. To download your history, follow these steps:
    a. Login to Bill Pay and Select the ‘Activity’ tab
    b. Download your complete payment history to a comma-separated values (CSV) file

Beginning April 23rd:

  • We encourage you to log into your new bill pay and navigate the new, user friendly system right away to ensure all of your information and payees transferred the way they should.
  • We anticipate all of your regular payees, except those you have in your PopMoney feature, will transfer to the new platform. You will need to reenter your PopMoney payees by clicking “Add Payee” and selecting “Pay a Person.”
  • We also anticipate that 18 months of you prior bill pay history will carry over into the new system.
  • The upgrade will not affect your access to It’sMe247 Online Banking, it will simply impact your access to bill pay.


Have more questions?

Check out our Bill Pay Upgrade FAQ document for answers.

You’re also welcome to call & talk with one of our bill pay experts at 800-245-6199.