New Cards Coming Mid-April

The ATM/Debit cards are now working properly! Some online transactions and PIN transactions continue to be declined – mostly out-of-state. We will continue to work on this issue until it is fixed.

If your card is not working properly…

  • Be sure to activate your new card. Your new card will not work until you activate it. Simply call 1-800-543-5073 in the U.S. or 727-570-4888 collect from outside the U.S. Your old cards will no longer work after Sunday evening.
  • Be sure to use your new PIN. Shortly after receiving your new card, you should have received a mailing with a new PIN. You must use that PIN with your new card, or if you wish to change your PIN, please call 1-866-297-3411.

If you’ve taken both of these steps and your card is still not working, please call us at 1-800-245-6199.



In mid-April, you will be receiving a replacement MEMBERS1st debit or ATM card. Your card(s) will have a new look and new number, and will be mailed to the address listed on your MEMBERS1st account. Below are some important dates to remember, and at the bottom of the page are “Frequently Asked Questions,” just in case you would like to know more!



Your new card will include some
new benefits, such as:

  • Greater fraud and identity theft protection
  • Make purchases with your mobile wallet (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.)
    (Coming Summer 2019)
  • Instant card issue and replacement at any MEMBERS1st branch (Coming Summer 2019)

April 10-17:

  • Expect to receive your new card(s) in the mail.
  • Carefully read and follow the instructions that will be provided with your new cards.
  • If you have not received your card by April 17th, please contact us.


Your PIN Mailer Is On Its Way!

  • A few days after you receive your new debit card, expect to receive a PIN mailer with the new PIN for your new card. If you wish to change your PIN, please call 1-866-297-3411.
    Note: you will be required to enter the provided PIN before you can select a new PIN.
  • You can activate & begin using your new card right away! You will need to activate your new card before using it. Call 1-800-543-5073 in the U.S. or 727-570-4888 collect from outside the U.S.

Monday, April 22:

  • Last day to use your old debit or ATM card.

Tuesday, April 23:

  • On this day, destroy your old debit or ATM card (it will no longer work). If you haven’t already activated & begun using your new card, you will need to do so.


If you have automatic payments setup with your current debit card, you will need to notify those companies (i.e. internet service providers, health clubs, etc.) of your new card number and expiration date to ensure your payments are not missed.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 800-245-6199 or email



>>Why are we getting new debit and ATM cards?

MEMBERS1st Community Credit Union made the decision to change debit/ATM processors in order to provide an excellent product that we believe will provide better benefits, a better fraud program and still remain a secure form of payment.  This change in processors requires us to issue new cards.

>>We just received new credit cards and now you are switching debit/ATM cards? Why?

The credit card program has always been a different product from our debit/ATM cards. The old ATIRA credit card program was owned by The Members Group Financial Services (TMGFS) with MEMBERS1st Community Credit Union as their partner. TMGFS sold the credit card portfolio to Elan last spring and as a result, Elan issued you new credit cards.

We began exploring our ATM/Debit Card options a couple of years ago because our current contract was expiring.  Despite our careful planning, we could not foresee the sale of TMGFS, which we believed would be an ongoing program.  By coincidence, the contracted conversion time for the ATM/Debit cards closely follows the unexpected credit card conversion.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

>>What are the benefits of the new debit card?

  1. Greater fraud and identity theft protection.
  2. SecurLOCKTM Equip app will be available to you to manage your card Coming Summer 2019
  3.  You will be able to make purchases with your mobile wallet (Apple Pay, Samsung, etc.) Coming Summer 2019
  4. Partnering with a new processor will allow MEMBERS1st to offer our own in-house credit card with rewards later this summer.  More information on this exciting new program will be released later this spring.

>>When can I expect to get my new card?

Your new card should arrive in the mail between April 10, 2019 to April 17, 2019.

>>When will my new card work?

Your new card should work on or about April 15th.  It is best not to use your old card once you establish that the new card is working.

>>Will I receive a new PIN number?

Yes, a new starter PIN number will arrive in the mail a day or two after you receive your debit card.

>>How do I activate my new debit/ATM card?

Call 1-800-543-5073 in the U.S. or 727-570-4888 collect from outside the U.S. or stop in one of our branches to activate.

>>When can I start using my card?

When you receive your card in the mail you need to activate it immediately. Once it is activated you can start using your new card.

>>What do I do with my old debit card?

Although we do not anticipate any problems using your new card before April 22, 2019, it is recommended that you hang on to the old card until April 23, 2019.  After that day, it will no longer work so you will want to destroy the card.

>>Will I have the same card number?

No, a new card number will be issued.

>>Will I have to change my PIN number?

You will be receiving a new starter PIN number in the mail.

>>Can I choose my own PIN number?

Yes, you will have the option to change your PIN.  A phone number will be provided in the mail with your new starter PIN number. You will need to know the starter PIN number that has been assigned to your card before you can change it to a number of your choosing.

>>Will the card look different?

Yes, both the debit and ATM card will have a new design.

>>When will my old card no longer work?

The old card will stop working sometime on April 22, 2019. At that time, you will want to destroy your old card.

>>What if I don’t receive my card before April 22, 2019?

Stop into your local MEMBERS1st branch and we will provide you with a temporary reloadable card to use until your new card arrives.

>>If my card is lost or stolen, who should I contact?

During regular business hours you will call the credit union at 800-245-6199. After hours you can call 800-325-3678.

>>I have regular electronic payments set up on my old debit card. What do I do about those payments? 

You will need to contact those companies that automatically deduct payments from your current debit card and provide them with your new card number and expiration date to ensure your payments are not missed. Your current card will remain active until April 22, 2019 so you will want to notify the company as soon as you receive your new card number.

>>If my card becomes damaged, lost, stolen or has fraud, will I be able to get a replacement card immediately?

Beginning this summer, we will be able to provide you with a Start Card at any of our branches. The card will be a temporary card for you to use until your permanent card arrives in the mail.  Coming Summer 2019

>>Is there a mobile app available to manage my card?

Yes, you can download the app SecurLOCKTM Equip on your smart phone. You will be able to manage your card by setting up how, where and when your card is used. You will even be able to turn on and off your card to prevent unauthorized usage.

>>Will I still be able to get surcharge-free withdrawals at ATMs?

Yes, you will still be able to use a Privileged Status ATM to have access to your funds without surcharge-fees. Just look for the Privileged Status logo.