Fraud Prevention Seminar

In these brief 45-minute seminars, guests will learn:

  • how to identify scams & fraudulent activity
  • how to protect yourself & your family from fraud & scams
  • ways to prevent yourself from becoming a victim

All seminars will be held from 12:00-12:45 PM and lunch will be provided.

  • Traer – Tuesday, June 27th at the Traer Public Library Community Room, 531 2nd St.
  • Marshalltown (English & Spanish) – Tuesday, June 27th at the Marshalltown Public Library, Meeting Room B., 105 W Boone St.
  • Boone – Wednesday, June 28th at the Ericson Public Library, 2nd floor Library Meeting Room, 702 Greene St.
  • Ames – Thursday, June 29th at the Ames Municipal Airport, ISU Meeting Room, 2520 Airport Dr.
  • Iowa Falls – Thursday, July 6th at the Barlow Memorial Library, Community Rm., 921 Washington Ave.

Seating is limited, so if your plans change after you register and you are not able to attend, please email as early as possible.


Please complete the form below to register.

  • Please select the seminar date & location you would like to attend. All seminars will be held from 12:00-12:45AM and lunch will be provided.
  • Are you bringing any guests? If so, please enter the number of guests you will be bringing to the seminar (in addition to yourself).
  • Please provide a phone number so we can contact you if anything changes or if there is an unplanned cancellation.
  • Please provide an email address so we can send you a reminder a few days prior to the seminar & an evaluation following the seminar.