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Account Security

There are some “habits” you can adopt to protect yourself & your accounts from scammers.

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Fraud Prevention Tips

Scammers are often crafty, but they’re not very creative. They tend to use the same general methods to scam people. Know how to identify their methods & what to do if you’ve been victimized.

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Known Scams

Be aware of scams in your area, or scams that are being implemented on a national level.

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Fraud Prevention Informational Emails

Throughout the year, we send emails with security and fraud tips, new security features available on your accounts, and new scam trends we’ve learned about. If you’re not on our email list, be sure to join!

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Security Tools to Assist You

We offer a variety of free tools to assist you in monitoring and securing your account information. You can choose from simple methods to very complex – but we do recommend you take advantage of them.

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Report a Lost or Stolen Card

To report a lost or stolen MEMBERS1st card, please call:

Debit Card: During regular business hours, call the credit union at 800-245-6199. After hours, please call 800-325-3678.

Credit Card: Please call 1-800-600-5249 and select option 1, then option 3.