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Consolidate Debt

Relax - at least your debt is under control

Consolidate all of your debt with MEMBERS1st & then sit back and relax. We’ve got this.

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College Scholarships

MEMBERS1st members have two college scholarship opportunities! 

The Warren Morrow Memorial scholarship is available to all Iowa Credit Union members. Applications are due Feb. 4, 2022.

We are also offering seven $1,000 college scholarships to our members. Applications are due March 31, 2022.

.99% Credit Card

Save today on yesterday's purchase. .99% on credit card balance transfers.

Transfer your credit card balances to a new MEMBERS1st Visa credit card & pay less for past purchases – big or small.

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M1 Mortgage Loans

Apply for a Members1st Mortgage Loan Today

The housing marketing is booming & mortgage loan rates are at all time lows. Get pre-approved NOW so you’re ready to buy when you find the right perfect house to call home.

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Get Financially Fit

Greenpath Financial Wellness

We have partnered with GreenPath Financial Wellness to provide our members with access to trained financial counselors and resources to help you make informed financial decisions and find your path to a bright financial future. It’s free, no-pressure, and 100% confidential.

Learn more about Greenpath Financial Wellness

Don’t Compromise

Give us 3 minutes to lower your car payment!

Don’t trade ME1st service for a slightly lower rate.

See if we can meet or beat your rate & payment quote from another lender.

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